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Signatures for Save Our CCTV

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1 stephenmerrill  
2 christineludlow too valuable to lose
3 LaurenceTaylor crucial in detecting and preventing crime and assisting in public safety throughout the various Boroughs
4 StevenBlackmore  
5 martinhassall needs to be saved for the safety and security of the town
6 DaveHiscutt  
7 melaniehiscutt  
8 leanneharrison we need cctv
9 TimWilliams  
10 SeanFord  
11 GlennJones  
12 RGarton Ridiculous, such a valuable asset to have and keep in these towns!!!
13 Robertlong  
14 allenvarney get rid of a few greedy councilors instead and stop wasting money on unused cycle lanes and sticks with rocks on
15 KayleighGilford if you want more crime go ahead
16 chelsiludlow i wouldnt feel safe in my own hometown without cctv 24/7
17 SarahDimambro  
18 MatthewAlvis  
19 stevewheatley don't let the council take this away..
20 JamieRoberts  
21 lindabeauchamp please keep for the sake of all the law abiding residents of Weymouth
22 MichelleRoberts do not risk our lives and safety to save yourself money cut the amount of greedy Councillors instead.
23 LeannePashen  
24 markroberts  
25 sarahetherington this is a necessity not a luxury!
26 steveroberts cctv is vital to weymouth
27 clairepavey  
28 stefpassenger  
29 lisadewar  
30 dawnlerry keep us safe
31 jakehetherington a very important tool in our community to keep everyone safe and help reduce crime remmmm.
32 ElaineFrampton This is an important part of keeping Weymouth residents and holidaymakers safe. It has helped in so many ways not just crime but finding lost children etc. Come on sign this worthy petition
33 leannegillim  
34 donnabarton  
35 PeterDrage  
36 WayneMellon  
37 samhearn  
38 BenAshcroft  
39 StaceyHodge  
40 AngieHodge  
41 StephanieTalmage Don't let the council take somethings else away from the town.
42 peterfox  
43 NigelCowan  
44 SteveCowan Stupid idea to cut this
45 TonyKirk What on earth is our council thinking of
46 MarkDewey we need the cctv to be saved, or otherwise the town is gonna get worse
47 MaxBarney Please keep it
48 SoFox  
49 DebJones  
50 CrissieBryant