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Save Our CCTV

Recent budget cuts within Weymouth and Portland borough council have resulted in the planned removal of a CCTV operator in the camera room during a 12 hour period thus closing the room. This system  provides much needed safety and security for the people living, working and visiting Weymouth, Portland, Dorchester and Bridport as well as the staff and patients at Dorset County hospital.

This cannot be allowed to happpen, to close the room for even a short time would be incredibly detrimental to all of the towns it covers as well as downright dangerous for the people who rely on it for their safety (police, security, doorstaff, emergency personal etc).

We urge the council to reconsider their options and look at other cost saving measures that will not impact the safety of the very town they are responsible for. The loss of the CCTV system WILL result in higher crime levels and ultimately a reduction in tourism within the 3 towns.

please help the council see the error in this decision by signing below to signify your dissaproval at this choice.

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